Lovely Dawn and Shopping Challenge, Day 38

by julespetra

Yesterday after a bit of a fiasco at the dry-cleaners (I would have lost it on the poor woman if Coco wasn’t there to stop me), I finally delivered the stucco stripe dress to it’s new owner. Ladies, meet Dawn. I’ve met Dawn here and there at craft-fairs (before I spent my free time blogging I was a keen participant in all manners of craft fairs, shows and ‘taculars), Ariel Dearie parties, Brown cafe, and most recently, Roberta’s pizzeria. Dawn is not only a charming and attentive waiter at Roberta’s but she also manages several of their events.

My favorite thing about Dawn, apart from her ever sweet and quirky style, is her love for travel. As we shot these pics she told Coco and I all about her last backpacking adventure and how much she’s already looking forward to the next one! Dawn, you rock!