Love Affair: Boy Jeans

by julespetra

How to wear boy jeans? However you want. Heels and wedges are fine but don’t dismiss your flats! Throw on a pair of funky ballet flats or loafers for an equally chic and carefree look. Originally, jeans weren’t about being sexy, but about wearing something durable, something that could take a beating and still show up for work the next day. I’m not telling you to grab a shovel and move to the country but what I am trying to say is, give your skinny jeans a break! Stop painfully squeezing into a size 24, and pick up a pair of jeans that you’ll actually enjoy wearing! I know that my beloved Madewell has a few pairs that are to DIE for. In these photos, Coco is wearing her faithful Levi’s. Find the fit that works for you and you’ll be begging for a second pair.

My white boy-fits... I can't love them more than I already do.

add a little sass with animal print

Coco cozy-chic

New Motto: Wear as much color as you want at the same time.

denim on denim workwear