Shopping Challenge, Day 20

by julespetra

It has already been twenty days of my shopping challenge. I can’t believe it. It’s startling to think that before this challenge, I genuinely believed that it would be hard. Going through all my favorite clothes as I did yesterday, I realized that it hasn’t been much of a challenge at all.

The only thing that was hard, really, was taking on the responsibility. Granted there are still things I want, of course, like a pair of boy-fit jeans (after going through my “denim collection” and finding only “skinny jeans” I came to the conclusion that I loathe “skinny jeans”), a pair of khakis, Chanel ballet flats and kelly green Vans. But that was precisely the point of all this wasn’t it? To sift through the things I dont really wear, or even like for that matter, and streamline my look without wasting hundreds of dollars on mindless, impulse, shopping sprees.

Personal style is something that gives me enormous confidence. Looking your best, is entirely about feeling your best. I had mounds of clothes that I never wore because I didn’t feel good wearing them. Why did I buy them to begin with? Well… that’s what this challenge has been all about.

What I’m trying to say, and getting to the point today seems impossible, is that I finally started the purge. I have a massive vacuum sealed zip lock bag that was stuffed to the gils. I could barely fit it under my bed! I took everything out of it (what I like to call my “summer collection”) and repacked it with donations. It felt good. I’m not quite ready for the 65 percent, I think I managed to ditch a good 35. Getting rid of the next 30 percent will be the hardest task this challenge has presented me with so far.

And it begins...

A more refined approach