The Challenge, Day 18

by julespetra

Today I thought that instead of showing my outfit on, I’d show it off; Jacket: Aritzia, Striped and Collared Tshirt: Comptoir des Cottoniers, Sweater: Vintage, Leopard print belt: J. Crew, Jeans: Madewell, Flats: Zara. Make-up; MAC: Bronzer and Mascara, Guerlin Paris Brush, Lancome “Art Eye Liner”, Givenchy “Tempting Coral” Lipstick.

As far as Make-up this is what I wear everyday. I rarely change it up, and when I do I feel very much unlike myself; almost as if I briefly put on someone else’s face. I do change the lipstick here and there, after all the color-pop lip colors that came out this year, how could I not!? And when I do wear a smoldering-pink or tangerine-orange lip color, I certainly leave off the eye-liner.

Enough about make-up, let’s please talk about my jeans. This Challenge has certainly helped me to minimize, and although I do have other jeans, I just CAN’T get rid of my favorite black jeans. So, WHAT DO I DO?? They attract lint like crazy!!! I love my Madewell denim, they’re the only jeans I buy! But they are covered in lint. Perhaps, my vintage rabbit hair (yes, shoulder padded!!) sweater is at fault, but so what if it is? How can I make these amazing high-waisted black jeans lint free for good? I looked up the possibilities and one website opted RE-dying them! You all know how much I love dying my clothes, but RE-dying is something I have yet to venture into! I think it’s my best, if not only, option. So stay tuned to find out! Happy Sunday!

I think this is my fave outfit so far!