It’s not over till it’s over, baby

by julespetra

Ladies and gentlemen, Fashion Week is officially over. Fashion Week, regardless of which cosmopolitan city you’re in at the time, gushes with style. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, wears not only their best garments, of the newest styles and best quality, but, we also spend a little more time putting the look together. But what happens after fashion week? Do we just give up on looking our best because Scott Schuman is a little harder to bump into? Or do we give up because “who can be bothered to wake up a little extra early for the perfect outfit?”

Recently I’ve chatted with my colleagues regarding exactly this predicament: Should we plan to wake up early to have the time necessary to put ourselves together, or, plan out the perfect outfit the night before? This simple and often annoying question would be easily resolved if we had a more strategic wardrobe; one with pieces that were meant to be worn together.

The less mayhem in your closet the better. Next time you go shopping, take the time to think about each garment, and pair it with things you already have. Honestly, I used to do the opposite. I always thought that we should buy what we love, and once you get home you can play around with it. But that was the old, more frivolous me. A truly stylish person knows the importance of every garment. And takes their time with it.

One friend recommended I check out the Brightest Young Things site to read an article about a girl doing something very similar to the Challenge I’m currently struggling with. I loved her idea, and hope that I too can get to that level of simplicity.

It’s refreshing to know I’m not the only one out there trying to minimize. Naturally, people try to minimize everyday, especially considering the economy in the states is still not as strong as we’d like it to be. But the challenge is living a life that is of a higher quality, in all respects. It’s not about having more options, its about giving ourselves better options. So the Challenge continues, now I have a clearer mind of what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s amazing how much we learn about ourself when we take a few steps back. Stay stylish, New York, don’t give up just yet!