Shopping Challenge, Day Three

by julespetra

Listen, I would be a massive liar if I told you today was pleasant. After dealing with a broken down hunk of metal machinery last night, I spent the evening with my family out in the ‘burbs, and had to get dressed out of my overnight bag this morning. I must have been blind when I packed it.

Some days just aren’t the most fashionable. Here’s one of my problems. Had I not started this challenge I would have visited my old friends at J-Crew today for a new outfit.

Which brings me to my point. Some days just AREN’T the most fashionable–even in New York. Some days, every second glance you get from a passing stranger adds to your self-loathing. After passing Balthazar’s reflective store front, I mentally kicked myself for not thinking out my outfit clearly.

After chatting with fellow fashion conscious ladies from around the office I realized I am not the only one who cant neglect the pains of a mismatched ensemble. There are numerous reasons why ladies like myself desperately want to change their attire midday.

One colleague’s worst fashion faux pas is packing for an evening out before hitting the gym. Once ready to dress for the night she immediately regrets what she packed earlier that day, and often buys a full change of clothes to avoid the awkwardness of being dressed uncomfortably.

Because of the challenge I couldn’t change out of my denim-on-denim today, I couldn’t stoop to my usual impulse shopping, all I could do was accept my fate: I was wearing something I felt miserably uncomfortable in and it seriously didn’t matter. It was wonderfully refreshing, almost as refreshing as changing out of it the moment I got home. Stay tuned for more my darlings, I’m only just getting started.

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