Feb 1st Kick Off of My Totally Fearless Shopping Challenge

by julespetra

Ok gang. This is it! This is the big one, the ol’ one two punch to my credit card debt, my Bloomingdales account, my J. Crew “bad” habit, my retail daydreaming. This is the one that puts a stop to drowning in my sea of sweaters. My over spending, over budget, is over. This is the moment I pull out that suitcase under my bed filled with clothes of “sentimental” value, or pieces that are “too summer” to wear in late winter regardless of the outdoor temperature. This is where I pull the trigger and say for the first time in my life, enough is really enough. This is my ultimate spring cleaning.

I have had a shopping problem since the first time I purchased a cashmere cardigan. I still own it. It’s grey. It has holes in it. It goes without saying that although I adore it, I dont remember the last time I wore it.

I have lots of clothes which I haven’t had for nearly as long, but of which I could easily say the same thing. Loving something doesn’t mean you need it ladies. It is a time of minimalist values. Keep what you need and everything else should be thrown overboard.

I have such values when it comes to travel. No one needs more than they can fit in a medium sized backpack. Now, I must be clear, I do not for a second insist that you carry your personals in a Jansport but I do encourage “light” travelings. So why dont I carry over the same mentality for my day to day living? Is it the need to fill empty spaces, like closets or dresser drawers, or is it a need to fill other empty spaces, the scarier ones, the emotional gaps, so to speak?

Well I’m on a mission to find out, and I’m not looking back.

The challenge is as follows: I must wear every piece of clothing I own at least once before I am allowed to purchase any more clothing what so ever. My goal is to purge 65% of what I own and give all excess to charity. From 45 sweaters to 16, 25 Dresses to 9, etc. etc. To some I may come off as a bit of a spoiled brat, but for those of you who know my obsession with my collection and who know that I work in fashion, know better than to judge so cruelly.

Everyday I will post a picture of what outfit I’m wearing, and will try to give you a bit of a heads up as to whether or not I plan on keeping or chucking the pieces I’m wearing that day.

A few exceptions: Dresses are only allowed to be worn once each. And I am allowed to purchase fabric but I must create something with that fabric with in one week of having purchased it.

I have calculated that the challenge will take approximately 2.5 months to complete and there will be plenty of give aways and prizes for anyone with suggestions, i.e.: charities I should donate to, ideas for what to do with the fabrics I buy, and many more. So Stay Tuned Love Birds! Here goes nothin’!!!!!!

Jacket + pants: Aritzia; Sweater: J. Crew; Shoes: Madewell