The New Desk

by julespetra

My dear friend Danielle gave me this desk many years ago. She said she had no use or space for it and that if I thought I could use it then I should take it. I did take it and loved it for all these years until my recent fascination with all things bright and cheery. I have never been a sad or morose person (my Camille days have taken a turn, for those of you familiar with my comically over-sensitive and emotionally distraught alter-ego) but this desk not only discouraged me from working but terrified me.

Perhaps it brought me back to my uncle’s dark vampiric house, everything there was daunting. As if at any moment a Frankenstein-like monster was about to appear from behind the burgundy velvet curtains and tear me to shreds. I mean, that’s a little extreme but when you’re 12 and playing hide and go seek with your somewhat malicious cousins in the most horrifying house you’ve ever been in, those are very common thoughts.

So in light of this new love for all things pop, I thought the desk too needed a more colorful personality. I had already considered putting it up on craigslist for the usual $50 but this, much better idea, came to me just before I “pulled the craigslist trigger”. It made a wonderful difference in the study, and I’m already putting it to good use. Cheers.