Dying Clothes on the Stovetop Smells Awful!

by julespetra

So here I am, a couple days before the New Year, in with the new and out with the old as they say! I couldn’t agree more…usually. Today I made my way over to every shopoholics’ ol’ faithful… Buffalo Exchange. There’s nothing like getting real money for those button downs and outdated dresses that are collecting dust in your closet. I made quite the dent in the wardrobe and flipped a hearty $96 at the consignment shop. There were however, two garments which I allowed to linger back at the apartment: an army inspired cropped top and a pair of (hold your breath) light blue denim overalls. I know, it’s a mouth full! And you thought I always think before I shop? Even my gut instincts need taming! But for what its worth, an army crop top is remarkably trendy worn the right way, and who can’t say the same about edgy heels, a leather jacket and overalls that, surprisingly, look great on your bum?

Regardless of their intrinsic faux pas, these two garments could stay home on one condition… I make it a priority to give them a makeover. So like I said, here I am ladies, hovering over a stove and impatiently making an attempt at salvaging a couple unmentionables. Stay tuned for results, but in the meantime, either donate or trade those silly frilled frocks, shapeless shirts and outworn jeans for something new, fresh and fun. Or, buy some Rit dye and get cookin’!