Baby, It’s Certainly Not Cold Outside

by julespetra

More coats you say? Yes darling! The more the better, I say! I have a passion for beautiful coats and the winter in New York is behaving very badly. Where are the flurries by the Rockefeller christmas tree? Where’s that cold and captivating wind? Chilly New Yorkers? Not this winter! Some New Yorkers may be loving the warm air of December but I for one find it rather useless. I may be Brazilian, but this is New York! And this current condition has left me somewhat desolate. Remember that orange coat I showed you? Right around the time I wrote up that story on Mr. Fairchild? Well, I have yet to wear it! Its rather sad, I know. An orange coat has a lovely place in the world providing the weather is complimentary, however, if the weather is warm and sunny, a massive fur collar (faux or not ladies) is rather vulgar.

I couldn’t bear seeing such lovely coats in the closet for much longer so, photographer Linda Pugliese and I had some fun with them. Menswear or womenswear, it is the 21st century after all, dont be shy of your loud, colorful, furry, long, short, fabulous coats darlings, they were made to be worn, just make sure it isn’t 75 degrees out when you finally decide to wear them. You’ll regret it waiting on the subway platform.

Plaid, vintage Pendleton

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Nautical Jcrew