Butternut Squash Ravioli, You Came Just In Time

by julespetra

Welcome Winter, or fall, or spring or whatever silliness the weather is getting itself into nowadays. Today for instance! Is it spring already! Did I sleep through christmas? Dear me!

Either way, according to my calendar, tis the season for squash, pumpkin, and carb overloading. So naturally I got back to work on experimenting with one classic flavor of November, Butternut Squash.

When making pasta the dough is the fun part, whats really grueling is trying to perfect the flavors of whats inside. I like to marinate my squash with whatever I would throw in to a pot of butternut squash soup. This consisted of a few shallors, some brown sugar, salt, black pepper and plenty of garlic. While the butternuts took their time in the oven I threw some flour in a bowl and got to work!

My dear and darling friend (whom you hear of often I know!) Linda Pugliese loved the raviolis so much that with the leftover filling we tried our hands at a new (and more feminine) shape: Tortelloni. Stay tuned darlings, for our next pasta adventures, of which, I hope, there will be many!


Butternut Squash Ravioli

all in a row

crimp the edges

piu tortelloni!