At the Guggenheim: Maurizio Cattelan

by julespetra

There’s nothing like seeing a marvelous exhibit. I went to the Guggenheim museum of art on Friday to see Maurizio Cattelan’s wonderful inventions. There are very few contemporary artists that blow me away and Maurizio knows exactly how to impress.

His slightly morbid, colorful, and eerie creations are mysterious from the bottom up. When I first walked in to the Guggenheim I was hesitant to climb the ramp as all his works were hanging from the ceiling! It seemed unreasonable to pay the admission fee as at first glance it appears you can see the entire exhibit form the ground floor! But I brushed aside my hesitations and (since I’m still a student) paid the $15 to see the show.

It’s a good thing I did as it was a breathtaking exhibit on nationalism, death, life, art, and everthing in between. Go and see it if you can, but catch it before January 22, 2012.


"Him", 2001

"Not afraid of love", 2000