Valencia, Spain

by julespetra

I almost fell over when I saw the Valencia opera house. Its’ beetle-like shape was stunning yes, but how shocking! And not just one beetle! It appeared as if an orchestra of musically talented beetles stood erect beside each other, excited to entertain us. Unfortunately there weren’t any Operas playing the week I was there, a subtle invitation to return to this beautiful city.

So since going to the opera was out of the question we lounged on the beach, lunched at Pappa Hemy’s favorite paella restaurant, saw a Woody Allen movie in the park, and enjoyed a glass of Orxata (my first!). The beaches of Valencia were scattered with the expected half-nudes of europe. And why not! If a woman can walk around manhattan topless, I must say, the beach is a significantly less offensive location for such a thing.

Following our trip to the beach, a long, quiet evening walk through town.

beetle shape take one

philharmonic and opera


beetle shapes

a view from the park

Paella with Pappa Hemy

el bar

a sweet house by the beach

Orxata! Horchata!

another view from a window