Paris, France: La Tour Eiffel

by julespetra

For years my french was confused, well, my c’est, celle, ce, etc etc. Masculine, feminine, neutral, who could be bothered with so many rules? But after Yann (my very dear french friend) and his sister called me out on sounding rather ridiculous every time I mentioned how beautiful Paris was, I made it a point to learn the rules and stick to them! The most important rule was to remember that Paris is a tall dark handsome man, not a curvaceous bombshell.

Although I learned the nuances of the language, Yann, Gaelle and I still hold on to one little phrase, for sentimental reasons; C’est Belle Paris. And thus we begin what I hope will be a weekly reminder of why one should always keep a small savings…for a trip to Paris of course. This morning, Yann sent me these beautiful photos of the Eiffel Tower. Paris, I miss you…yet again.

La Tour Eiffel


from beneath

C'est Belle Paris

of course, La Tour Eiffel le matin, et l'Arc de Triomphe, l'apres midi... bisous Yanno