BK Flea- Williamsburg

by julespetra

I finally got around to going to the new(ish) Brooklyn Flea location on the waterfront in Williamsburg. I’ve checked out the Fort Green location a dozen times and often crave all the edible goodies more than the “vintage” goods.

I would have ran to lunch but I HAD to visit Ariel Dearie at 5 Leaves first! Ariel’s bouquets were as sweet and charming as ever. I took home a dalia bouquet that now sits prettily on my bedside windowsill.

But at the flea market, I found the usual BK standards- over priced furniture, $50 broken vintage sunglasses, torn sweaters, and enormous blazers. To most standards, flea markets should be cheap, I mean, you can travel to any other city and that statement stands true for the most part, but around here, its quite the opposite. Regardless, its always a pleasure to rummage through old things on a sunny day.

Ariel with her flowers and bees


5 Leaves and Ariel

BK Flea

army jackets are all the rage in fall

awesome lanterns

Pulupa's, Batatas Bravas, and Anchovies!

eep! I've been caught!

Pizza Moto!

ended the afternoon with BK's own pumpkin beer at Betto!

best happy hour I've seen in a while