Ever wonder what SOHO does on a wednesday night?

by julespetra

Wednesday isn’t exactly the most respectable day to go out on the town, but in New York, who can be bothered to make definitive plans? Most New Yorkers take what they can get. I gathered some of my friends and we met at Lucky Strike for a non-commital glass of wine. Here’s where we ended up. (Downtown NYC, I love you.)

Broome and W. Broadway

The Felix, a classic

boutiques were closing down

Wool and the Gang, heard of 'em? If not, GOOGLE THEM! THEY'RE AWESOME!

Cubana Cafe

Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike DJ

Shimmy Shim actress extraordinaire

Ear Bar

Dani D, designer

eh ben, moi?

Ma Maeee!

Our ride home

Vesuvio Bakery

Jameson, Monsieur l'auteur

Bleeker st. the outdoor cafe

South of Houston