Bloomie’s or Printemps? NYC’s French Revolution

by julespetra

Going to Paris is always easy- I diet for 2 weeks, pack my favorite garments, call Yann, and hop on the plane for a little shopping. So when I heard that Sandro and Maje were coming to New York, a voice inside me cried a little…cried out in pure happiness that is! Now, going to Paris will be even more exciting- new boutiques, new designers, will surely be taking the place of what used to be the super exclusive SMCP corporation.

Feeling parisian is a luxury, Bloomingdales is on the right track. Finally, I can wander around Bloomie’s with fresh eyes, as opposed to staring at the floor so as not to slip on a horrid jersey knit dress or style mutilating “jegging”. Bloomies got a much needed make-over thanks to Zadig Voltaire, Maje, and Sandro! The three new shops are lined up next to each other and Bloomie’s is looking more like Paris’s own Printemps. But between you and me, it could take another hint from the parisians and add a rooftop brasserie with a 360 degree view of lovely Paris…I mean, New York.

Here’s a quick summary for those who will have the pleasure of seeing these shops for the first time: Zadig & Voltaire for the rockers; Sandro for high-fashion; Maje for the trendy Balenciaga-inspired coats.

Oh! The even bigger news is, the charming young lady I spoke to at Sandro reminded me of the upcoming boutique locations in SOHO! Maje: on Spring st, Oct. 26th and Sandro: on Bleeker st. Nov. 3rd!!

Zadig et Voltaire


un peu Voltaire


beautiful, suple, leather

adorable leather collar chez sandro

the littlest bit of leopard chez sandro

ruffled tank chez sandro

of course a fur collar! chez sandro


oh maje, thats the cutest little skirt!

silk red blouse

white silk with subtle ruffle

A little leather and an awesome print!