A day at the farm

by julespetra

I have vivid dreams of living on a ranch with horses and olive trees. So, once Corinne expressed an interest in apple picking (and pie baking!), I jumped at the opportunity! We invited a James each, and, off we went to Melick’s!

The air was finally crisp with the taste of fall, the sun was…well… temperamental, the corn was on the grill and the pumpkins were bright and lovely. We gathered all the apples we could carry- golden delicious, red delicious, macintosh, gala’s. For a 1.59 a lb any New Yorker would do the same! As we left the farm we grabbed a box of fresh donuts. I mean, we were headed to the general store and naturally, where there’s apple picking there must be donuts and coffee after!

Melick's Farm

amazing squash!


James and James

which apples are those James?



The Jameses

Corn right off the grill!

Hay rides!

best part of the day!