Isn’t getting sick just awful?

by julespetra

The flu is starting to pick up steam as it usually does this time of year. And it just so happened that yesterday it hit me about as hard as a bullet train. I couldn’t dream of leaving the house unless I left with a fold up bed to faint in. Hair appointment? Canceled. Gym? Impossible. Voice lesson? Who can sing at a time like this? So I grabbed some fabric I’ve been meaning to transform into a…well…something, and got to work.

I usually keep my favorite catalogue handy for good design ideas, and if I have something similar to what I’m making I keep that around too. I mean, who has time for patterns? I havent finished the project yet, but eventually it will become one of those cute three-quarter sleeved blouses. I’ll show pics when it’s done. Oh…and I wasn’t really hungry but, there’s nothing like baking fresh coconut chocolate chip cookies when you have a cold.

polka dots vs gingham

had this flirty yellow lace lyin' around


with a cup of tea? who can resist!