Shake Shack vs In & Out Burger

by julespetra

I may as well have titled this post: New York vs California. I’m certainly one to judge when it comes down to burgers. I can’t resist! When someone says “New bistro, I think, New Burger!”. Although I pride myself on being a burger connoisseur I had yet to try the ultimate NYC burger joint. Yes, I’m referring to the one everyone raves about- the juiciest, the meatiest, the Shake Shack burger. There’s no getting around the longest line you’ve ever seen save for Shakespeare in the Park tickets but its worth the wait. And of course I headed to the OG location at Madison Sq Park.

I ordered a cheesy, double burger, with crisp and hearty fries, and to top it off…a glass of wine. California has its perks, we’ve all heard native New Yorker Woody Allen tease the west coast for its lack of sophisticated metro system. I mean, after an order of Cali’s prized french fries- “Animal Style” of course (euh, yes, that means smothered in thousand island sauce), there’s nothing like a long walk to the subway to kill off at least a couple calories. In a time of burgers, booze, and a healthy workout, I must admit, New York wins again.

Shake Shack, Madison Sq Park

In & Out Burger

Our guy

Their guys

Our Burgers

Their burgers

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