A bullfight in Madrid

by julespetra

I have always wanted to see a bullfight. My father and brother went to see one many years ago in Arles, France but I hadn’t been invited. It was a man’s sport, brutal and vicious. But when I finally had the opportunity to see a bullfight, I saw the fairer side at work. It isn’t only man vs beast to the death of his opponent but almost folkloric and certainly beautiful. The costumes are breathtaking and the grace in their step is easily admirable.

There were protestors outside the ring in Madrid that day and in Barcelona bullfighting has been outlawed. In Portugal the bull cannot be killed at the ring but at a slaughterhouse, as if allowing it to suffer a longer death is more ethical than a short blow to the head, as they did in Madrid when the toreador failed to be swift in his kill.

I’ve always been a meat eater and hunting doesn’t disgust me, so I must say I rather enjoyed the show. It does turn the stomach to see the bull harmed so I understand the other perspective, of it being barbaric and such, but, if you dont fancy it, then simply dont go. I can’t understand all these people trying to spoil everyone else’s fun.

Madrid at dusk

the entrance of the picadors

a picador

preparing for the bull

a raging bull

pink stockings