Century 21 is ruining my bookshelf

by julespetra

The world is falling apart. How can I tell? One more book store has shut down in Manhattan and has now been replaced by the ever growing, ever tasteless, Century 21. Maybe I’m taking it a little too personally…. I know change is supposed to be good, yes, but I thought the whole point was to change for the better? To reach for the moon and all that? Come on New York, you’re killing me inside.

First the Barnes and Noble, then the Borders in the Time Warner Center, whats next? The Public Library? Before we know it, the only place to leaf through a new book will be at The Strand…. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. Take the John King Bookstore in Detroit for instance. I was there this summer and it was breathtaking. Flights upon flights of beautiful hard covers, each one sewn together with love and admiration. There’s nothing like the warmth of a book in your hands when you have nothing to do on a Saturday evening in winter. Look Century 21, if you think that digging through poor imitations of last years fashions is better than digging through the fiction section at a 4 floor bookstore, you need to read more books.

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John King Bookstore, Detroit, MI