Apple Pie and Ravioli

by julespetra

I had never made fresh pasta before I invited Linda Pugliese over for dinner. Linda is not only a remarkable photographer, but a soaring italian cook. Last time she invited me over “on a whim” I feasted on a bowl of fresh spaghetti and ragu. Not just any ragu…this wonder of a woman woke up at odd hours in the night to stir the stuff while it cooked on low heat for goodness knows how many hours!

For my first attempt at fresh pasta my ambitions led me to my all time favorite- mushroom ravioli. At first I tried my hand at egg pasta. I was at the brink of tears trying to roll the pasta out on my table (slamming it against the table and beating it with a rolling pin was no use). So I tried the much more maleable and wrist friendly flour and water recipe. It worked beautifully and until I get a pasta rolling attachment for my kitchen aid, I’ll stick to the simpler version.

I had cooked the mushrooms down in red wine, a T. of mustard, plenty of black pepper and salt, and 2 T. of goat cheese. For sauce: sage butter.

And dessert…my mother didn’t teach me to bake a good pie for nothing! So I went with another favorite, apple rhubarb. Dinner was good, but in the infinite battle of dessert vs dinner…well…lets just say I should stick to baking.

The filling....chopped up mushrooms

crimping the edges...

I made 41 of these suckers

Apple Rhubarb Pie

The first slice

a little ice cream goes a long way