Went to Roberta’s for lunch…again

by julespetra

Listen, I’m brazilian with a whole mess of other ethnicities and I happen to like my pizza a certain way. So… I go to Roberta’s. I remember being a snobby 14 year old heading to Brazil to visit the ol’ family and I dreaded, I mean really, I loathed pizza night. “What!” I’d scream, “THIN CRUST PIZZA?! YOU CAN BARELY TASTE THE CRUST!”…. I’ve learned a lot since then, thank goodness! In Brazil, the best pizza you can order, is a “Portuguesa” which means: mozzarella, egg, ham, and onions. At Roberta’s, The White and Green. You gotta go there to try it, I’m not giving away recipes! Next to the pizza, try the Bibb lettuce salad… Cor couldn’t stand waiting for it any longer and followed me to lunch. She’s right… its rather worth the hike from the UWS.

Where the magic happens

the pizzaiolos

"I cant wait for my bibb lettuce salad!!!!" said Cor

The White and Green...I added garlic and artichokes of course

note to self: always wear cute nailpolish when eating pizza


The atrium

go outside for a movie or just a stroll through the garden