The Brooklyn Book Festival with The Brothers Briggs

by julespetra

The perfect sunday afternoon in Brooklyn requires a good book…so yesterday, we went on the search for a new one! It didn’t take more than 30 minutes to bicycle to Borough Hall… about the same amount of time it took to find bicycle parking, I mean, the place was packed! So we found the other brother Briggs and headed to lunch before any new introductions were made. The book fair had everything from young readers to the older, wiser, literati and the books on the stands ranged from fresh faced magazines to the seasoned New York Review of Books. It was heaps of pretentious snobby fun and I cant wait for the next one!

Oh those literary types....

Thanks for the money shot James!

The Brothers Briggs

You know the literary types I was referring to?

Books should always look this neat and pretty

Thomas Kiedrowski was signing books

The ol'tilt of the head...its a literary thing....

Round glasses are always in style in the literary circle