Sardinha Portuguesa : the art of a sunday standard

by julespetra

Last night was a helluva treat. My darlings Miguel and Joelma invited us for a good old-fashioned portuguese feast of fresh sardines, bean salad, and enough portuguese rolls to fill us for a week. We watched as Miguel rubbed the sardines with chunky sea salt and Joelma sprinkled the finishing spices on her bean salad, she may be brazilian but her cooking could pass for portuguese any day. After a couple bottles of good portuguese vinho tinto the sardines were ready. Miguel carried them over lovingly and told us about his sunday feasts of sardines with his family in Porto. After a series of stories like that one, who could stand the anticipation? Bom Apetite.

down to the last bite

portuguese rolls

salada de feijao

james helping out by the grill

laid out like a bunch of sardines